Hefur þú spurningar um þinn Chevrolet?

Ertu að velta fyrir þér kaupum á nýjum bíl?

We’ll take your End of Life Vehicle (ELV) back

When it's time to say goodbye

All good things have to come to an end. We’re sure your car will give you many, many years of driving enjoyment and service, but we know that one day it will be time to say goodbye.

At Chevrolet we’re committed to honouring our legal obligations - alongside our commitment to recycling. We’ll take your End of Life Vehicle back for you free of charge*, enabling up to 85% of your old car to be recycled or recovered. We are also committed to taking back Daewoo models.

What does the law state?

All manufacturers are obliged to operate an ELV policy. All vehicles registered for the first time after (enter enforcement date) must be taken back. From 2007, this same rule will be extended to all other vehicles, regardless of their registration date. Find your nearest participating Chevrolet dealer.

Here’s how it works at Chevrolet:


The last person to own the car takes it to their nearest participating Chevrolet dealer. They check it and issue a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), which is needed for de-registration.

Pre-treatment and depollution

The battery is removed and the airbags are neutralized first. Then, all fuels and other operating liquids (e.g. brake, air conditioning fluids, engine and transmission oil) are removed.


The car is then dismantled and the components are either re-marketed as used parts or used as the basis for re-manufactured parts. All other components are recycled if economically viable.


Hazardous materials are collected and dispatched to specialist centres for recovery or safe disposal.


The pre-treated hulks are delivered to a shredder which separates the ELV into segments and sorts them for further recycling or recovery.

Post-Shredder Technology (PST)

This separated material is processed using different technologies (magnet, eddy current, flotation) to extract material fractions which can be used as valuable secondary raw materials.


Material fractions from the shredder and from the PST plants can be recycled (e.g. as replacement for coal in blast furnaces, dewatering means in sewage plants) or recovered in the cement industry. This process enables a recovery of 85% of the vehicle and drastically reduces the amount of landfill waste.

Recycling oriented design

Chevrolet’s recycling oriented design strategy is an important element of our product responsibility.